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At the Veeley, the strictest safety requirements have been taken into account from the drawing board. Nothing is left to chance.

From the very solid construction to the high-quality hydraulic disc brakes, everything revolves around safety and design.
The lighting more than meets the standards and has a mandatory E-brand. The rims and tires are also of high quality. With the chosen profile, the Veeley stands firmly and safely on the road. Weather or no weather the Veeley will take you safely to your destination.
The battery is of the best kind that LG currently has to offer. Very fireproof, reliable quality and longevity are partly responsible for the quality experience that you as a customer must feel. All electrical components are of the highest quality and the processing in the Veeley frame is top-notch.
Safety was also a reason to separate the electrical circuits in the Veeley. On the outside waterproof connections are made where the extra battery (available as an option) after connection has no connection with the powerful built-in battery.

Hidden features

The retractable saddle has been extensively tested and carries a rider weight of 120 kg without any problem.
All operation switches are included in the display. Here, too, disturbances are reduced to a minimum. In case of unexpected problems the display is easy to replace.
The powerful engine has obviously undergone an EMC inspection. Is very reliable under all circumstances and brings you to your destination without any problem.
The handles of the brakes also meet the most stringent requirements. The brake lines are beautifully concealed in the frame and have nothing to do with external influences.
The hydraulic disc brakes are designed for their task and bring the Veeley to a halt quickly and safely under all conditions.

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