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IMPORTANT NOTICE : where (electric) scooter is referred to, this also means electric ‘step’

This guide contains important information concerning the safety of yourself and others, so read it carefully. It is your responsibility to follow the instructions in the guide carefully and to make them known to others. Make sure that others also understand the instructions and safety issues. We advise that you regularly revisit the instructions with other users of the scooter. You could then also check the scooter for possible defects.


Riding an electric scooter or ‘step’ can be dangerous. Scooters and ‘steps’ are means of transport which enable you to travel fast, so dangerous situations could arise. You could lose control, or fall. You should therefore always wear sufficient protective gear (helmet, elbow and knee pads, wrist protectors). Without such protective gear, riders can incur serious or even fatal injuries. Use of the scooter is entirely at your own risk. Always use your common sense: the manufacturer can never be held liable for incorrect use and/or errors on your part.

Tips for riders of electric scooters/electric ‘steps’

✓ Always wear protective clothing, supplemented by a helmet and elbow and knee pads.
✓ Always wear a helmet when riding, and fasten it properly!
✓ Always wear shoes.
✓ Ride on a smooth, preferably asphalted, surface and keep as far away as possible from other motorized traffic.
✓ Avoid sharp edges or (pot-)holes and move to another surface, as the wheels could become snagged.
✓ Avoid streets and surfaces with water, sand, gravel, dirt, leaves or other unevenness.
✓ Wet weather can influence visibility and braking distances, pay extra attention in such conditions.
✓ Preferably, do not use the scooter in the evening or at night.
✓ When used frequently, the brakes will heat up. DO NOT touch them after braking.
✓ When riding downhill, avoid increasing your speed.
✓ Owners of our scooters should assist others using the scooter with adjusting and unfolding it, as far as is necessary, before the scooter is used.
✓ Always observe local traffic and other regulations.
✓ Watch out for pedestrians.
✓ Riders over 100kg in weight should not use the scooter.
✓ The air spring contains high pressure air and/or oil/fat. NEVER disassemble or destroy the spring, and NEVER throw it on an open fire, as this could cause it to explode.
✓ The battery is an important part of the electric scooter and electric ‘step’. Observe the guidelines as laid out in the manual. You should use the originally supplied charging cable and observe the charging instructions.

Tips for the use of the battery

1. Keep the battery away from fire or corrosive substances: the battery is flammable and could explode.
2. Do not soil or remove the label on the battery housing.
3. To prevent damage to internal components, never open the battery housing. If the battery will not charge, contact your local sales or after-sales dealer immediately.
4. If the scooter is out of use for long periods, recharge the scooter regularly (every 20-30 days) in order to keep the battery in good condition.
If the battery is defective and needs to be disposed of, you must observe the relevant local regulations for the disposal of chemical waste.

Additional tips

✓ Use by children under 16 is prohibited.
✓ Use your common sense at all times.
✓ Observe the warnings given! If you do not, it could result in serious injury.
✓ Use is entirely at your own risk: be careful.
✓ Inspect the scooter before every ride.
✓ Correct inspection and regular maintenance of the scooter can reduce or prevent the risk of injury.
✓ Controleer de lokale (verkeers-)regels om te zien hoe u de scooter legaal kunt en mag gebruiken.
✓ Check local (traffic-) regulations to see whether and if so, how you can use the scooter.

In the Netherlands: scooters without EU approval may only be used on private land. Use on public roads is only allowed if the scooter is certified as an ‘exceptional moped’ or has EU approval, and the user complies with the legal requirements.


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