Regulations - Veeley COM


Use on public roads throughout Europe is permitted. The Veeley has been tested against the most stringent safety standards by TüV Rheinland and approved according to EU Regulation 168/2013. Veeley is classified as a type of moped, with a maximum speed of 25 kph.

For standard mopeds, it can be quite easy to comply with the legislation. For foldable e-scooters, though, it is a different story. Many, if not all, foldable (e-)scooters currently on the market fail to meet these stringent European requirements.

From the very beginning of the design and development process of the Veeley, we invited a TüV engineer to think with us. For every single part, we constructed moulds and for some specific parts opted for E-certification. You won’t find unapproved lighting on a Veeley. Every lamp has E-certification, and the wheels and tyres also comply with the regulations and have the Quality label: all things which for us would go without saying, even if they weren’t compulsory.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, about this amazing Veeley fails to meet EU legislation. This fantastic product is the first of its kind with EU Regulation 168/2013 certification.

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