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When it comes to the Veeley electric scooter, Orange Ventures has opted for a traditional sales model. Not because we don’t employ modern techniques, we certainly do: but because we want to offer the highest level of service to purchasers and users of the best electric scooter of 2018. To do that, we need specialists, who have the skills to explain all the features and help the customer really to get the feel of, and experience, this great product.

So, no internet stunts, no slick salesmen, no amateurs. Top professionals, for a top quality product. Not a cheap product – though the price is surprisingly reasonable. You can find electric scooters in all price categories, from high to low. But only a few achieve the top quality you can expect from an EU-approved product. And we should know, because we have an extensive range of electric scooters. We know the products better than anyone and are convinced, even looking world-wide, that our Veeley is the top-of-the-range electric scooter.

To sell this top product, you need sales professionals.

Dealers who know their business.

And that means dealers who really know their business. If you are buying a new automobile or high-end bike, you go to a specialist dealer. The same applies to the electric scooter of 2018, the Veeley.

Our dealers are specialists who really know their business. They display and demonstrate the Veeley, and offer potential users a test ride. Only then does it become obvious to the customer that not only are the brilliant design and superb materials easy on the eye, but the unequalled quality of the ride, and the ease of use, match their expectations of a top quality product – and dealer.

The dealer is the contact point for the Veeley rider: he arranges delivery of the Veeley and explains all its features and hidden extras. That is what you, as our customer, can expect.

Service and quality, to keep your Veeley on top form: that’s what we and our dealers are there for.

Would you like to become a Veeley dealer?

Want to include the Veeley in your product range? Create an account, or contact us direct. We’ll be happy to help.

The Veeley is versatile in use

for commuting

car, boat or camper

Veeley tour

The benefits of Veeley


Public roads

Use on public roads is permitted throughout Europe. Veeley has been tested and approved in line with EU Regulation 168/2013.



The Veeley has a high-quality aluminium frame and is extremely stable. A reliable electronic lock helps protect the scooter against theft.


2 year warranty

If there are any problems with the scooter, they will be covered by the warranty. Veeley offers a two year* warranty on parts and manufacture.



With its integrated foldaway saddle and handlebars, plus a collapsible bag hook, this is the best ever electric scooter.



The Veeley is light, fits in the trunk and with its smart handle you can easily pull the folded Veeley to your workstation.


Double action radius

The Veeley is the first to have an extra connection for an external battery (available as an option). Revolutionary and for a double action radius.


(Fire) safe

The Veeley not only looks chic, but also includes a fireproof battery and is waterproof. In addition, the scooter is shock-resistant.



All options are standard: GPS, tracker, music streaming, bluetooth, wireless control and of course speed, distance etc.

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